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Added “Arrow” Episode 04×01 Captures and Video Clips

Added 177 captures of the premiere of Arrow. 3 video clips were added that you can view HERE.

EBR Talks About Season 4 and Olicity (VIDEO)

In the following video, Emily Bett Rickards speaks about Felicity’s role in the upcoming fourth season of the CW’s Arrow, and we also get to see a few snippets of footage featuring a very happy (for the time being, anyway) Olicity.


Added Stills of Arrow 04×01 “My Name is the Green Arrow”

SYNOPSIS of Arrow: Season 4 Epsiode 1 “My Name is the Green Arrow”

Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Felicity’s (Emily Bett Rickards) blissful getaway is cut short when Thea (Willa Holland) and Laurel (Katie Cassidy) pay them a visit and tell Oliver they need his help back in Star City. The city has been attacked by ‘Ghosts,’ assassins led by a dangerous man named Damien Darhk (guest star Neal McDonough). However, when Oliver returns, Diggle (David Ramsey) makes it very clear that he doesn’t want Oliver on the team. Arrow premieres this Wednesday on the CW.

New Trailer Focuses on the Ladies of “Arrow”


There isn’t long to wait until the return of Arrow for its fourth season and we’re excited to see how the team will react to Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) return. You’ll remember that at the end of the third run, Oliver finally decided that he wanted to be with Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) and the pair left Starling City. They also left the remaining members of their team who were less than impressed that all of a sudden they were working without their leader. We know that Diggle (David Ramsey) is going to have issue with Oliver’s disappearing act when he returns, especially when you consider what Oliver put him through in season three.

It won’t take long for all that to be patched up however and Team Arrow will be back to their old ways taking care of the villains of Starling City.
Ahead of the season four premiere a brand new trailer has been released and it’s all about the ladies. The footage shows that Laurel, Thea, Felicity, Nyssa and Tatsu all return for season four after all their lives changed in someway in season three. The League of Assassins left a mark on everyones life it seems, not just the men of the group and this has somehow given them a new lease on life as can be seen in the new clip.

Another thing we’re excited about this season is the new base for the group which has gone under a major upgrade, Marc Guggenheim discussed this with Entertainment Weekly.

“One of the fun things about this lair is that as opposed to one big space, where everyone would congregate, it’s now a much larger space divided up into smaller spaces.” He continued: “There is an area for Felicity [Emily Bett Rickards] to work, there is an area for Oliver to work out, and there is a garage. There are many different places we’ll continue to discover over the course of the season that give you a sense that this thing is a bit bigger than we got used to in the first three years.”


“Arrow” Season 4 Trailer Debuts With Olicity

Red alert! Red alert!

The new Arrow trailer is here (thanks to Stephen Amell’s Facebook page) and it is almost too much to bare. Oliver and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) are living in a house, you guys. A house! In the sunlight!

We saw that Starling City is now called Star City, in honor of the “dead” Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh). We also got our first look at Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough), and at Echo Kellum as the future Mr. Terrific.

We also got yet another look at Diggle’s new costume, and the Arrow’s new costume, as well as a glimpse at how the former Team Arrow is doing without their leader.

Meanwhile, Constantine made an appearance, as did Caity Lotz as the resurrected Sara.

So basically, this trailer is everything we wanted and more, and by “more” we mean Felicity with a machine gun. We did not know we wanted that, even though we should have, because it’s awesome.

And that ending exchange? My god.

“Since when are you such a badass?”

“Since always!”

We’ve actually never loved anything more. Thank you, CW. Thank you.

Season four of Arrow debuts on Wednesday, Oct. 7 at 8 p.m. on the CW.


Arrow Won’t Give Oliver and Felicity Their Happy Ending Yet


Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) may have rode off into the sunset together in Arrow’s third season finale, but the couple’s problems are far from over.

Oliver, who is finally happy at the start of Season 4, will find his new sunny worldview challenged when he and Felicity return to vigilantism to face off against their most evil opponent yet, Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough).

But balancing work and love won’t be easy. “We really wanted to explore the ups and downs of a traditional TV relationship, like we’ve established with Oliver and Felicity, and pretty much throw everything at it that we can and see if they’ll make it through,” says executive producer Wendy Mericle.

At least Felicity will have a new confidante when the show returns: fellow tech-genius Curtis Holt (Echo Kellum), the future Mister Terrific. “He’s going to fill the void that Ray left, not as a romantic interest for Felicity, but as someone who is an equal intellectually to her and that we can have fun scenes between her and Curtis Holt in Palmer Tech,” Mericle says.


‘Arrow’ Season 4 Premiere Episode Has Surprise Flashback


Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) will return to Starling City in “Arrow” season 4 premiere after leaving in third season’s finale with Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards).

Also, he is expected to sport a new persona as he is about to wear a lighter green costume. While the pilot episode of the fourth season will deal with the aftermath of the third season’s finale, audiences will still be taken to a trip to the past. Oliver’s past will be revisited and boy, it comes with a big surprise.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Marc Guggenheim said “Arrow” season 4 premiere has a great surprise readied for the audience.

“We have a really great surprise for the season premiere for the flashbacks, and it’s made talking about the flashbacks very difficult,” Guggenheim said.

“We pick up basically in real time. It’s been a number of months later since the last flashback. Oliver is in Coast City, as eagle-eyed viewers noted when he boarded the boat at the end of season 3. What happens there and how he comes to cross with Reiter, that we need to keep secret because it would spoil a pretty big twist in episode 401.”

“Arrow” season 4 premiere is officially called “Green Arrow” and as to what that surprise would be, fans just have to wait for the show’s release date.

Speaking of flashbacks, it was revealed few days ago that Oliver Queen has met a formidable foe in the past. He is Baron Reiter, who in the comics is known as Baron Blitzkrieg, a former Nazi supervillain who figured in battles against Wonder Woman and Superman. Reiter will be played by British actor Jimmy Akingbola.

The casting of Akingbola as a Nazi raised eyebrows because people think it is historically inaccurate. Akingbola is of African descent and the public thinks it is wrong to cast him as a German Nazi officer. Guggenheim explained the Baron Reiter in the show is different from the one in comics.

“We never planned on actually telling a story about a bad guy who is a Nazi,” Guggenheim says. “In fact, when people meet this character, he’s not German, he’s not a Nazi, he doesn’t subscribe to any Nazi philosophies. We were attracted to an organization that actually in the comics had been associated with Deathstroke called Shadowspire. In the comics, Baron Reiter became associated with Shadowspire.”

“Arrow” season 4 premiere episode will air on October 7.


Happy 24th Birthday Emily!

We at emilybettrickardsfan.com hope you have a blessed year and wish you a happy birthday Emily!


‘Arrow’ Team on Green Lantern Rumors and Season 4 Surprises

What’s next for Arrow?

May’s season three finale felt more like a series finale with Ollie (Stephen Amell) finally choosing a life apart from the Arrow and driving off into the sunset with Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards).

But Team Arrow is coming back next season, which begs the question: what can viewers expect in season four? Season three laid the groundwork with plenty of Easter eggs, and The Hollywood Reporter caught up with the cast and producers at Comic-Con to weigh in on what they might mean for season four.

Is Thea Speedy… or could she be Red Hood?

Thea (Will Holland) has spent the series being nicknamed Speedy, and will finally take on that superhero identity in season four. In the comics, Speedy is the nickname of the Green Arrow’s sidekick, originally held by Roy Harper and eventually given to Mia Dearden. Holland confirmed at Comic-Con that she would be fighting in the costume more often next season, hoping to add a yellow cape to the ensemble, which is a callback to Mia’s costume in the comics.

But online, fans have speculated there could be more to Speedy than meets the eye, and that she could even be the Batman villain Red Hood eventually.

In the 22nd episode of Arrow, “This is Your Sword,” Thea goes to visit Roy (Colton Haynes) who is now a mechanic under the alias Jason. After a night together, Jason sends Thea back to Starling City with his former Arsenal costume. Arrow hasn’t shied away Batman references, and Roy’s alias Jason could be a reference to Jason Todd, who is the second Robin best known for his death at the hands of the Joker in the “Batman: A Death in the Family” storyline. In a 2005 comic book storyline, he is resurrected via the Lazarus Pit in “Under the Hood,” where he takes on the Red Hood persona, becoming a villain who challenges Batman.

The producers have confirmed Haynes will be back in future episodes since, as Holland told THR, “it’s not like he died.” Though it’s unlikely that Roy/Jason will become the Red Hood, Thea could potentially become Starling City’s “Red Hood.” The series has made it a point to say that the person who comes out of the Lazarus Pit isn’t the same person who went in. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim has said the show would deal with the ramifications of Thea’s season three revival via the Lazarus Pit. Could it send her down a villainous path?

Are the Birds of Prey assembling?

In the comics, the Birds of Prey are an all-female team comprised of superheroes and villains. The lineup has changed over the years, but Arrow characters Black Canary (Katie Cassidy), Katana (Rila Fukushima), and Huntress (Jessica De Gouw) have all been Birds of Prey in the comics.

Guggenheim remained tightlipped on the possibility of introducing the Birds of Prey, bit did confirm his desire to bring back the Huntress for season four. “We have a great Huntress story,” he said. “We just have to find the right time for it, and it would be a shame if we couldn’t get her back this year.”

Amell told THR that in season four, Oliver will run into an old friend in Coast City. Could this be a reference to season one’s Detective McKenna Hall (Janina Gavankar) who was relocated to Coast City after mob boss daughter Helena Bertinelli (AKA the Huntress) — temporarily paralyzed her? That could be a way to bring the Huntress back into the fold.

Ferris Airlines

The airline has been reference by name only, similar to Ra’s before season three, but with Arrow’s track record of having some sort of company in the background (see: Queen Industries, Palmer Technologies), it would only make sense to include Coast City’s Ferris Airlines, which would allow the series to introduce the company’s CEO Carol Ferris.

DC fans are sure to recognize the name as Hal Jordan’s (The Green Lantern) long-time love interest and supervillain Star Sapphire.

Green Lantern/The Guardian?

Diggle (David Ramsey) will finally be getting a superhero identity in season four, and some fans are speculating he could even become DC powerhouse Green Lantern/Jon Stewart. Not so, say the producers, who also listed Green Lantern Hal Jordan as unlikely to appear in the CW superhero universe.

“They announced the Green Lantern Corps movie, and I’d be surprised if it didn’t include Hal Jordan,” said Gugenheim. “It would be great but I doubt it very much.”

At the Arrow Comic-Con panel, it was revealed that Diggle would get a helmet as part of his costume. Although his hero wasn’t given a name yet, there’s plenty of evidence he will become The Guardian.

In the comics, The Guardian doesn’t have any superpowers and relies on his combat training and abilities, much like Diggle. The costume in the animated television series Young Justice resembles the concept art of Diggle’s costume revealed at the Comic-Con panel. The Guardian also has an indestructible shield, which is in keeping with the more realistic heroes of Starling City and something Star Labs could certainly design for Diggle.

Fun fact: In the Golden Age comics, The Atom, the Guardian, and Wildcat were all trained by the same instructor. Here’s another chance for a team up.

Damien Darhk and H.I.V.E.

Neal McDonough has been cast as Damien Darkh, a villain who became important towards the end of season three, though he was never seen on screen. He and Ra’s al Ghul (Matt Nable) were the two original candidates as heir to the demon with Ra’s being chosen. In episode 21 “Al Sah-him,” Ra’s revealed that Damien orchestrated several notable events in season three and mentioned that Damien left with a group of loyal followers and water from the Lazarus pit. He continues the League’s ways with his own organization filled with a “hive” of agents.

H.I.V.E. was teased earlier this season when a female agent tried to recruit Deadshot in episode 17 “Suicidal Tendencies.” It’s worth noting that in the New 52 comics H.I.V.E. is responsible for turning The Flash’s Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) into the villain Killer Frost. Since there have been a couple crossovers with The Flash, this might be another significant event for the two shows to explore. Now that Damien has escaped Starling City, he is poised to become the central villain in season four along with his organization H.I.V.E.

Season four of Arrow premieres on Wednesday, Oct. 7 at 8 p.m.


Emily and Grant Gustin’s Chemistry Screen Test for “Arrow” (VIDEO)

A new featurette from the upcoming The Flash: Season 1 DVD has been released. The featurette takes you behind the scenes of Grant Gustin and Emily Bett Rickards’ chemistry test.

Emily flew to Los Angeles to film the test with Grant to see whether or not the pair had chemistry. As we all know, the two indeed had chemistry and Grant landed the role of Barry Allen.

Arrow Season 4 premieres on Wednesday, October 7th. The Flash season 2 premieres on Tuesday, October 6th both on CW.